Negative SEO Reputation Management – 7 SEO Tips to Avoid Getting a Bad Reputation

Negative SEO or “duplicate content” attacks have been a SEO nightmare for many years. In fact, Google has made it very hard to have negative SEO on your website. Even if your SEO tricks are working against you, the best way to fight back is to do it all in the context of a positive SEO strategy. This means that instead of tackling one bad SEO tactic such as inserting too much duplicate content, you need to do it all under the banner of improving your overall SEO results through different methods.

negative seo reputation management

With this in mind, here are some fresh ideas for negative SEO in the new year. One of the biggest problems facing businesses today is their negative SEO reputation. Google has become especially vigilant against duplicate content recently. So if you want to ensure that you improve search engine optimization results and stay in business, you need to start thinking now. Here are some tips that you can use for the new year:

A. Don’t push your competitors’ link on your own site. Google is especially strict about Google Analytics sending pinging messages to websites when another company’s link is clicked on. This means that if you want to avoid Google sending you negative SEO results, you need to send your PING message to the source of the incoming links and make sure that your pinging does not coincide with your competitors’ PING messages.

B. Don’t use internal linking in your website. This has been a big issue in the past, but one that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Internal linking has been deemed a SEO trap that can easily backfire on you. It makes it easy for search engines to find more information about your competitors without sending too many spiders your way. This means that 10 seo traps you may have set yourself will have to be unlearned in order to get into the real game of online marketing.

C. Don’t try to do too much too soon. In case you haven’t heard, Google is focusing on offering quality search results to its users, not just rankings. So if you want to avoid negative to reputation management this year, you need to focus on building up organic links and building on the strength of your sites. Avoid trying to implement too many link building campaigns in the course of one campaign. If you do it, you risk running afoul of the latest negative keywords seo practices Google is known for frowning upon.

D. Avoid the use of duplicate content. Google is notorious for what it calls “duplicate content”. This basically means that two sites (or even more) are providing exactly the same information about the same matter. The most common form of duplicate content is using the same title for the same content. If you want to avoid negative seo consequences for duplicating content, avoid doing this. Google will not punish you for it.

E. Avoid using search engine optimization or seo tricks to attract negative SEO results. Search engines have been toughened up and they do not appreciate overly simple methods of boosting your rankings through the use of clever tricks. Most of the time, these tricks can be harmful for your business. So stick with the tried and true methods of SEO and stay away from those who employ black hat SEO techniques. These tactics are not only frowned upon by Google but also can lead to your being banned from using the search engine in the future.

F. Do your best to never become a spammer. Yes, Google does have a bad habit of penalizing businesses that use unethical methods of advertising or marketing. That’s why it’s always a good idea to run your promotional campaigns through other avenues. If you want to promote your website without running afoul of Google or other major search engines, you should hire an SEO expert to handle your promotional campaigns for you. Although hiring an SEO company can be quite expensive, it may be worth it in the long run if you want to successfully manage your reputation online.